The term Outsourcing is one that has been severally defined over time. However, one that best describes it is that which says it is any task, operation, job or process that could be performed by employees within an organization, but is instead contracted to a third party for a significant period of time.  These functions that are performed by the third party can be performed either on-site or off-site. Some people feel hiring a temporary employee while your secretary is on maternity leave is outsourcing. This is far from it.

The most common model of outsourcing that is in the news today refers to jobs that are being sent over seas to countries like India or China. This is more commonly called off shoring. Examples include telephone call centers, tech-support and computer programming. More common examples that are not going overseas are cleaning services, after hour answering services and security services. Others include; Information Technology Functions, Network and Telecommunications, Human Resources, Business Process and Social Media Management, Accounting as well as General Marketing and Consulting.

In Subsequent blogs, I will be explaining the benefits of Outsourcing in a country like Nigeria and how your organization can hook on to this trend that is fast taking over in more civilized societies.


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