Turning social interaction into a way of marketing has got many companies out on the highway. A great way which businesses have become more accessible is through the social media. The most common, which include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among others, have over 700 million users and two-thirds of business owners with an account have introduced their marketing into the these media. It’s a great deal when your marketing can be noticed by loads of people all over the world, having them interact and share their opinions, like is done on Twitter, help in creating more ideas on ways to improve on your services.

Businesses would love to improve their marketing without ignoring “the best for less”. However, some companies overlook that and think it’s not always the best way to go. Fortunately, it can be achieved without any drawbacks and that’s when the social media becomes convenient.

In Nigeria, companies that have extended their businesses through the social media as mentioned above have become more reliable and advanced in consumer satisfaction. They gain more exposure to new customers far away and nearby and a lot more offers are being gained on a quick timescale.

Doing business on the internet could hinder physical interaction with your customers but some social medium like Facebook, has a lot of features which gives you the advantage to express yourself more and draw you closer to your clients. Linking your businesses to the social media in Nigeria keeps your customers up to date with your products and it also helps with real-time feedback on what services/products are most requested for. It’s a great way to keep your business running without having to run around to get more market. It also saves a lot for the clients, as they do not have to also run around find whatever products they need.

People want more, they expect more. They’re using social media. So instead of trying to do it all on your own… let us help you and do it for you.


About sologicservices

An Advocate for Social Change....The youths can make the difference with a renewed mindset....

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  1. anusoyemi says:

    I’m so pleased to hear more small businesses in nigeria embracing social media to market their businesses, proves that the change is happening PRetty rapidly………Go sologic we need the transformation.

    • hello anusoyemi,
      thanks so much for your comment. sologic is one of such social media managers (SMM) trying to make a headway into the Nigerian market. we sincerely hope businesses will recognize the potential of social media. please keep up with us.

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